The 2022 State of Operational Technology and Cybersecurity Report saw Fortinet compile the responses of 500 OT security professionals across the world* to ascertain where operational technology (OT) security lies in the priorities of organisational leaders. The findings of this report proved congruent with our experience at SIS.

Within the many insights this report provided, it underscored one very important point: organisations are still moving too slowly when it comes to securing their critical OT assets.

At SIS, this is a matter we feel very strongly about, and one we’ve been addressing in our articles and practices for some time now. Yet, unfortunately, the numbers suggest a continuing complacency across global industry, even though the report stated that 93% of organisations experienced an attack or intrusion in the last 12 months, with 78% experiencing not one (or two) but more than three. 

As the report’s authors note, “While OT is less visible than IT at most organizations—and certainly in the public consciousness—it is no less important to the economy and to people’s everyday lives. After all, OT systems control the critical infrastructure that everyone depends on—the electrical grid, water and sewer systems, fuel pipelines, power plants, and transportation networks. And it is essential for the manufacture of all types of goods.” 

“OT is an important component of digital transformation at industrial organizations. Rapidly evolving market conditions made the adoption of ‘Industry 4.0’ methodologies and technologies virtually essential even before COVID-19. The pandemic only accelerated these trends, leaving technology ‘have-nots’ scrambling to update and streamline their operations.”

We’ve pulled out further key insights from the Fortinet report to provide a vivid snapshot of how OT security is positioned worldwide and demonstrate why OT security needs to be taken to the top of industry priority lists, sooner rather than later. 

Our field experience reflects the findings of this report, and we’re proud to say we have the proven methodologies to help neutralise the growing threat to OT assets. Speak to SIS today. 

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