Advice and expertise
to secure your
industrial network

SIS consultants provide the guidance you need
to safeguard critical infrastructure from
cyber threats.
Unrivaled Expertise

With 100% of our work focused on Operational Technology, our world-class
consultants bring an unrivaled level of knowledge, insight and many years of
experience providing industrial cyber security solutions, safeguarding key
plant, critical infrastructure and control systems all around the world.

Our bespoke solutions empower your whole organisation, (not just the OT or IT
departments) to combat the ever-evolving threat of cyber attack to your

Our approach centres on current and future threats, the areas where people,
technology, business processes and increased connectivity collide and any
vulnerabilities unique to your specific operational network.

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“SIS helped us quantify the
security risk to our OT environment. Having this independent assessment
done makes it hard for the business
leaders to ignore the risk.

Security Manager,
Water Utility


the threat

Protect your critical assets from the threat of cyber attack.

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