Managed OT cyber
security with real-time
detection and response

Managed Services
Strengthen your defence against cyber attack with the ability to quickly detect, analyse and immediately respond to incidents, as, and when, they happen.
Do you really know who’s
inside your network?

The threat landscape is constantly changing, while at the same time digital devices and cloud computing mean that we’re more connected than ever, creating a challenge for operators of industrial networks and critical infrastructure to maintain the right skills and knowledge to respond to cyber attacks effectively.
To have a totally resilient OT network, you need 24/7 monitoring to detect and respond to potential cyber threats. You can only do that effectively, with the right people, training and expertise.

SIS Managed Services is a cost-effective outsourced arrangement that delivers managed OT security with real-time monitoring, analytics, reporting and rapid
incident response.

Core Process & Enhanced Services
One of the world’s first
100% dedicated OT SOCs

Always on, always available, the SIS OT Security Operations Centre delivers real-time monitoring of your plant by an elite team of
industrial cyber security specialists.

100% of our work is on Operational Technology (ICS/SCADA).
Alerts and reports

Monthly reporting keeps you up-to-date and informed of all OT network activity, while alerts immediately notify you of attack
attempts or suspicious activity.

Respond & Recover

SIS OT Security First Responder Service gives you the ability to call on our specialists when you need them.

It operates on a retainer fee arrangement, giving you the ability to call on our specialists as and when incidents arise.

Our First Responder team, including senior OT security consultants and experienced engineers are deployed as soon as an incident is detected on your network.


the threat

Protect your critical assets from the threat of cyber attack.

Get in touch with our industrial cyber security specialists.