Our prime and only
focus is industrial
cyber security

We're different

Who we are
Founded by Dr Christopher Beggs in 2010, SIS comprises an elite team of industrial cyber security specialists.

100% of our work is on Operational Technology (ICS/SCADA). This laser-like focus keeps us in front of current and developing cyber threats.

We focus our expertise to safeguard the critical infrastructure that provides the essential services we all depend on.

Three levels of defence

Our services are delivered through a combination of consulting, managed services and training.

What we do

We use bespoke methodologies that are systematic and specific to Operational Technology (ICS/SCADA) to combat the ever-evolving threat of attack.

Our suite of services covers the full threat lifecycle of industrial cyber security, from assessment to incident response.

Assess & Define

We help you to assess your critical systems, processes and procedures, to identify vulnerabilities and gaps when benchmarked to industry standards, for risk mitigation.

Assess & Define services include

Design & Implement
We use a proven methodology to design secure architectures for your plant. Our specialists install and configure your security products and technologies.
Design & Implement services include:
Operate & Maintain
We help you to define the operational requirements to maintain key security services such as security monitoring, patch management, change management, backup and recovery procedures. Such operational activities form the key pillar of your Cyber Security Management System (CSMS).

Operate & Maintain services include:

Managed OT Security Operations Centre & Incident Response

Our managed services are a cost-effective outsourced arrangement that deliver managed OT security with real-time monitoring, analytics, reporting and response, by an elite team of industrial cyber security specialists. We offer both off-premise and on-premise OT-SOC solutions.


Training & Awareness

Our specialised industrial cyber security training covers all elements of the threat neutralisation cycle, and how to manage specific cyber threats to your industrial assets.

Our training includes:

Where we work

Threats are everywhere. So are we.

Shodan ICS Radar

Legend: ICS device Shodan crawler Honeypot

Accreditation & Certification

Operating to the highest standards & qualifications we maintain ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 accreditations and continually invest in our people.

We are one of the first companies in the world with their own industrial cyber security certification.


the threat

Protect your critical assets from the threat of cyber attack.

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