Acting globally across
key sectors of
critical infrastructure

SIS has many years of experience in providing industrial cyber security solutions safeguarding key plant, critical infrastructure and control systems all around the world.

While much of our work is sensitive, the case studies below showcase some of the challenges we have solved for our clients.

Sector Scope

SIS’ bespoke approach towards the assessment of critical infrastructure enabled a UK power company to determine compliance to the EU NIS Directive, and to develop an improvement plan towards strengthening resilience to cyber threats.

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Oil & gas

Via a technical vulnerability and risk assessment of OT infrastructure for a gas pipeline company, SIS successfully assisted the gas pipeline company to understand their current-state risk posture in order to determine what an appropriate risk appetite (risk level) is, and the prioritisation of mitigation actions in order to reduce the level of risk exposure to cyber threats

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SIS’ industrial cyber security audit services enabled a government statutory authority to benchmark the security posture of state transport agencies, identifying cyber security risks and prioritisation of key actions for risk mitigation.

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As a result of SIS’ Operate and Maintain services, a regional water agency in Australia was able to implement a Cyber Security Management System (CSMS) provides the organisational rigour to ensure infrastructure is resilient to escalating cyber threats, and ensuring the right security controls are in place to mitigate risk.

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SIS adopted a top-down, risk-driven approach to develop an enterprise-wide security architecture for a resources company, driven by, and integrated with the organisation’s broader business strategy, focused on technology optimisation to deliver secure mine operations.

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Critical Manufacturing

SIS’ industry-leading industrial cyber security training was able to help a metals manufacturer create a stronger culture of security, harmonising with the organisation’s rigorous safety culture, fostering a commitment to industrial cyber security from plant operators and administrators, encouraging users to act responsibly and thus operate more securely

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SIS’ specialist industrial cyber security testers applied the latest exploit tools and techniques to perform stress and penetration testing of network connected  medical device technologies, to assess risks to the reliability of devices, and ultimately the safety of patients.

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