Breaches in the security of operational technology (OT) – the hardware and software used to drive industrial processes – are increasing in frequency with every given year. 

And yet, breaches of this particular nature continue to be among the greatest, most overlooked threats looming over global infrastructure and the safety of communities at large. 

We’ve recently written a playbook for Industrial Cyber Security, which can be dowloaded below.

This playbook is our contribution to educating industry as much as possible concerning OT security in 2022. In it, we put forward steps for taking an effective, holistic approach to OT security using an Assess & Define, Design & Implement and Operate & Maintain model with the specialised knowledge available to us. 

What’s inside the playbook?

• The OT security situation in 2022 at a glance

• 7 Significant obstacles to better OT security

• Why people are the secret ingredient

• How to create a winning OT security team

• An introduction to the Threat Neutralisation Cycle, including key steps and considerations for each stage

• A 3 point plan to vastly improve your OT Security

Download the playbook (PDF)

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